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Güncelleme tarihi: 17 May 2021

I know there is a lot survival games, A LOT.

But there are unique things about Defend Till Sunshine. Defend Till Sunshine is not just a survival game. Its an Exploration game too. There are different villages around the land and villages has its own blueprints.

Token system,

I made a system is not working by money or cash. Every day you survive you gain animal tokens for each animal. Every village has a one type of animal that they have bonds with it. And everything you can able to do in this city can be done with that type of token.

Pet system,

Defend Till Sunshine was co-op at the beginning but due to that I am a solo developer with not that much budget for servers, I abandon the co-op feature, instead of that I add a pet. On launch version our puppy will have a lot of skills like finding villages, finding animals, spoting enemies with barking, our puppy will grow day by day and it will have a skill tree for its own.


We used to play survival games with realistic graphics. One of the best features of Defend Till Sunshine is Art Style. Defend Till Sunshine mixing heartwarming low-poly graphics with survival feature.


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