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Hi! I’m Erce "EUZERU" Uslu

Unity Game Developer& Visual Artist

    Hi👋, I'm Erce. I'm a 23 years old indie game developer. I've been involved with games since I was little, in early 2019 I decided to really learn unity and this time I started decisively, after learning the basics for a certain period of time, I started laying the foundations of my game called "Defend Till Sunshine", although I didn't know it at the time, I laid the foundation for a game that was a little too big for me, At least I managed to publish the demo.


    Then I started to go to Kocaeli University Computer Engineering department, I started working as a remote in a Canadian company called Abracan, but unfortunately the projects we did there did not go live and that's why I can't share them with you. After that I started working for a company called Project Flying Cat in Turkey and there I made a really nice game called Scions: Battle Eternal and we released the demo on steam.

Thank you for your interest.

My ITCH.IO Page:





Best Regards, EUZERU 

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