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Güncelleme tarihi: 17 May 2021

Why Early Access?

“As a solo passionate developer I want to make the best thing I can. In my opinion interacting with the community on Early Access will affect the game in a good way. Game will be shaped with the community.”

How long it will be on Early Access?

“It will depend on the feedbacks and the content amount I choose to put into the final version of the Defend Till Sunshine. But the plan is at least 8-12 months.”

What will be the difference between Early Access version and Full version?

“I plan to add more craftable items, new biomes,new maps, advanced npc system, new characters, various animals, unique creatures that only exist on Defend Till Sunshine, advanced building system. And even making it co-op is on my roadmap but I can't guarantee that for now.”

What's the current progress of the game?

“Most of the core features are done. You will able to play the Defend Till Sunshine as is meant to be. Early Access will mostly affect the various of the things that you can find in the game (new items,advanced building system, new animals etc.) but of course it won't be just various things that already on the game I have a lot of ideas to put it on the game.”

Will the game price change during Early Access and after?

“No definitive plans here yet, but it is likely that the price will be increased over the course of the Early Access period.”

How do you intend to involve the community in the development process?

“I currently use our Discord server and the Twitter account as my primary ways to talk to our community. Players are always welcome to suggest new features or new ideas on our Discord server or Twitter page. A closed test group of players have access to the latest builds and work closely with me. We discuss what is the best for the new update. I will be continue to develop this process based on the needs of the community.”